About Two Fish Fibers

Two Fish Fibers is an ongoing collaborative creative project from Doreen Hartzell (Goldfish Love Fibers) and Becka Rahn (Becka Rahn: Fiber Art). We are both full-time teachers and artists?and sometimes we?make and teach things together.?Doreen and Becka started collaborating in 2011 when they shared a booth (with another friend, Jen) at the Shepherd’s Harvest Festival in Lake Elmo, MN. We’d never met before but it might have been the best blind date ever. Since then we have teamed up for many events and shows because our stuff just really works great together and so do we.tribble

Our first artistic collaboration was making felted tribbles at a farmer’s market booth. It was not a smash success (despite our sophisticated marketing plan.) We’ve learned a little since then.

Our most recent project has been to introduce our Needle Felted Paint-By-Number kits. Becka does the illustrations and has the fabric digitally printed. Doreen sources local and sustainable fibers to put in the kits. They get assembled around our kitchen tables.



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